Your camping trip is approaching quickly and you are already looking forward to it! In order to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, we advise you to inform yourself about how you can protect yourself against break-ins and thefts:

  • When stopping, never leave your vehicle completely unattended. A person staying in the vehicle is the best protection. It is not recommended to spend the night at rest areas and freeway parking lots, especially in southern Europe. Unless the parking area is well lit and guarded.
  • Never leave valuable items in plain view. Make sure that valuables, such as a laptop or a filled purse, are not visible from the outside through the window.
  • Doors, windows and shutters must be closed when you are away. For motorhomes, it is advisable to cover the windshield and side windows. This way, robbers will not be able to tell immediately whether the vehicle is occupied or not. On the other hand, it is better to cover only half of the body windows, so that the vehicle does not look "uninhabited".
  • At night, make sure that all windows, shutters and doors are closed. For ventilation, the skylight can be left ajar.
  • Avoid common hiding places, such as the glove compartment. That's where a thief will look first.