Even though all vehicles on MyCamper are fully insured, damages often claim a lot of money and time. Most of the damages during camping vacations are related to carelessness and bad weather. Below you will find a few tips from us to avoid such damage:

  • Before starting your trip you should know where the water and petrol or diesel tanks are located. You should also be aware of the size of the vehicle, (length, width, height).
  • Before driving the vehicle, always check that all items are properly stowed and, above all, well secured. In addition, all windows and doors should be closed.
  • Always have a second person guide you outside of the vehicle when reversing, parking, and making tight turns. This is crucial to prevent exterior damages.
  • Take extra wide turns. The vehicle is big and requires more space.
  • To avoid damage to the awning, you should always roll it up overnight and as soon as you leave the vehicle. Don't use the awning when there is wind.
  • Always keep a sufficient distance to the vehicle in front and drive as carefully as possible on natural and gravel roads.
  • If a hailstorm is imminent and there is enough time, you can try to drive into public underground garages (beware of the height), parking garages or to covered gas stations. On the way, you can also stop on the shoulder under bridges.