If a damage occurs, it is important that you contact the owner immediately. In case of an accident please inform the police. 

The conditions for damage management may differ depending on the vehicle owner's insurance. Therefore, it is most importance that you contact the owner as soon as you can to get help in the best possible way.

In case of a comprehensive damage: 

  • Insured via Omocom
    Make a damage claim directly in the booking details. You'll find the prefilled link there. If you want to fill it out by yourself you can use this link.

  • Insured via Baloise
    You can report the damage under this link.

  • Insured via owners comprehensive insurance
    Please get in touch with the owner. The owner has to report the damage. 

In case of a breakdown there are several possibilities:

  • Insured via Omocom
    In this case please contact one of the numbers on this site depending on the country.

  • Insured via Baloise
    Call Baloise under this number: +41 58 827 65 01 and mention that you booked the camping vehicle through MyCamper. 

  • Insured via breakdown insurance of owner
    Call the owner and ask for phone number to call. 

  • Insured via own breakdown insurance
    Call your insurance.

If you as a renter discover a damage or damage the vehicle in any way after check-in, it is important that you notify the vehicle owner within 24h. If this is the case, the best way is to take pictures. In this way, it is possible for the vehicle owner to rectify the fault and that future renters will not be affected.