The renter goes to the vehicle owner or where the vehicle is located, at the agreed time on the day of check-in.

The owner starts the "check-in" by phone or tablet on MyCamper's website. Go on the booking overview and click "to check-in"

Step 1: Mileage and fuel level

If it is a motorhome or camping car, the vehicle owner first documents the motorhome's fuel level and mileage reading. Click "Next" after entering the data.

Step 2: Existing damages
Take photos of existing damages of your vehicle and add them to the process. You only have to do that once and for future check-ins existing damages are already listed. 

Step 3: Equipment

Go through the equipment and document missing parts. 

Step 4: Outside photos

Upload four photos from your camera roll. Make sure you take the photos directly at check-in. 

Step 5: Inside photos

Upload inside photos of vehicle. Read through the requirements about the pictures. 

Step 6: Check ID

Check the driver license and ID card to make sure that all information about renter is valid. 

Step 7: Renter has to approve check-in

Now the renter has to go to the booking overview page and approve the check-in information entered by the owner. 

Step 8: Approval 

Renter approves that he:she got all important information and is ready for the camping holidays.

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