To send a message to a renter, you need to create a profile, list a vehicle and receive a booking request or a message. If you are renting out in a Nordic country, you need to be ID verified to respond to messages. In Sweden and in Norway, you verify with BankID, in Denmark, you verify with MitID and in Finland you verify with your bank details.

When you have received a booking request from a renter, a button called "send message" appears. If you visit MyCamper's website on a mobile phone, you will find the "send message" button at the bottom of the screen, and if you visit the website on a computer, the "send message" button will be on the right side.

When you have received a new message, you will see a notification at the top right on the website. If you then click on "messages", you will get to the whole conversation. You will also receive an email notification when the renter sends you a message. If you open the e-mail, there is a link that takes you to the conversation on where you can reply to the message.