Here we list the three main benefits of renting out via MyCamper. MyCamper was created to make renting out motorhomes and caravans safe, insured and easy. The service is also free for owners.

1. Renting out through MyCamper is safe

When using MyCamper, you can feel safe and assured that you are renting out securely, and to serious renters. The experience using MyCamper is tailored to create the most safe environment to rent out privately. All renters booking Nordic vehicles go through ID verification, and the option to verify themselves for Swiss vehicles is also available. A thorough process for handover of the vehicle is completed the by renter and owner to minimize risk. All payments go through Stripe, which ensures the most safe payments.

2. Renting out through MyCamper is insured

If you are renting out your privately owned vehicle, you have the option to use one of our tailor made insurances for renting out. Our insurance providers are Baloise in Switzerland and Omocom in the Nordic countries. You do not need to sign a contract and the insurances activate automatically when the check-in is made.

Read more about MyCamper's insurance and what requirements you need to meet here.

3. Renting out through MyCamper is easy

The processes for renting out and getting paid is made to be as easy as possible for you. MyCamper handles marketing for your vehicle. Getting bookings is easy if your profile looks good and is fairly priced. To start renting out, you can simple press "Sign up" in the top right of the website. Then you can choose to sign up as a vehicle owner.

Read more about how you can start renting out your motorhome or caravan here.

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