Check-in takes place when the renter picks up the vehicle from the owner to use it during the rental period.

The vehicle owner starts checking in on his phone on MyCamper's website when the renter has arrived at the vehicle. The vehicle owner and the renter then together make a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle, where the vehicle owner documents any damage and defects on the vehicle. If it is a motorhome, the owner also documents the motorhome's current fuel level and mileage reading. The vehicle owner looks at the renter's driving license and enters the renter's birthdate on the website to ensure that it is the same person who has sent the rental request who will pick up the vehicle. The renter then approves the vehicle owner's documentation of the vehicle's condition on MyCamper's website in his telephone and the keys to the vehicle are handed over from the vehicle owner to the renter. Thus, the check-in is completed and the rental period has started. The renter has now taken responsibility for the vehicle.

Completing the check-in is mandatory and demonstrates that both parties are aware of the condition of the vehicle before the rental period starts. In this way, both parties can be safe during the rental period and when returning the vehicle.

Keep in mind that once you as a renter have approved the check-in, you are responsible for the vehicle and its equipment. Should you discover any damage that was not registered at check-in, or that furniture or equipment is missing or not working, you must contact the owner and MyCamper within 24 hours. In most cases, you and the owner can then come up with a solution together.

Checklist for check-in process:

  1. The renter goes to the vehicle owner or where the vehicle is located, at the agreed time on the day of check-in.
  2. The vehicle owner starts a "check-in" via the phone on MyCamper's website. If it is a motorhome, the owner documents the motorhome's fuel level and mileage reading.
  3. The vehicle owner and the renter inspect the vehicle together. The owner documents any damage and defects, checks that the equipment works and takes pictures of the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle owner examines the renter's driving license so that it matches the renters information on the website and enters the renters birthdate and ensures that the renter has the correct authorization for the vehicle.
  5. The renter approves the vehicle owner's documentation through MyCamper's website and the owner hands over the keys to the renter.