1. Create a profile

The first thing you need to do to be able to rent a motorhome or caravan is to fill in a profile about yourself and verify yourself through BankID or for some countries passport or national ID card. Renting your motorhome or caravan can be very personal. This verification means that vehicle owners can be sure of who they rent to and can feel more safe.

2. Search for a motorhome or caravan

To find a vehicle for rent, go to "see motorhomes & caravans". It shows all vehicles that are available for rent. You can fill in where you want to pick up the vehicle and between what dates you want to rent. You can also use a filter where you fill in specific wishes, such as the minimum number of sleeping spots, winter adaptation or if children are allowed to live in the vehicle. This filters the search results according to your wishes, so that you can find the vehicle that is best suited for your holiday.
On the tablet and on the computer, you can easily see where different vehicles are available for rent through a map that shows where they are.

3. Send booking request

Once you have found a vehicle you want to rent, make a booking request to the vehicle owner. You do this by clicking on the "To booking request" button. A booking request is binding as soon as the owner accepted the request. Before that, you can always withdraw the request at no costs.
Make sure your details regarding dates and any requests are correct before sending your request to the owner. In connection with you making your first booking request, we will make a credit report on you. We do not allow bookings on MyCamper if the credit report contains remarks.

4. Wait for a response from the owner

Once a booking request has been received, the vehicle owner has 24 hours to accept or refuse it. Once the owner has accepted your request, the first payment gets captured automatically.
If the owner refuses the booking request or does not respond within 24 hours, the request will be canceled. We then recommend that you send a new request to another motorhome or caravan owner.
In cases where the owner has questions for you before a booking is accepted, the owner will send you notifications about this. The contact between the vehicle owner and you as the renter will take place through messages on the platform. When a message is sent from the owner, a message to your email will also be sent. Therefore, it is good to check your email regularly so that you don't miss any messages

5. Pay the rest of the rental amount

This step applies to those bookings where the full amount was not paid on the first payment.
30 days before check-in, the remaining rental amount must be paid. It is important that you pay the rental amount on time, otherwise the booking may be canceled and the booking fee lost.
MyCamper receives the payment of the rental amount which is then paid to the vehicle owner.
Payment to the owner takes place when you as the renter have gained access to the vehicle on the day of check-in and the check-in process is completed on the platform.
Remember that in order for the lease to apply, MyCamper's payment system must always be used.

6. Pay the deposit

The deposit is payable during the week before the check-in date. It must be paid no later than 12 hours before check-in. The deposit is held by MyCamper until the booking is completed.
During checkout (see below) possible extra costs that has arisen during the rental period can be registered. These are then deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount is refunded to you. Note that it can take 5-10 days before the money arrives in your account.