How to prevent damages in a nutshell:

  • Most damages are caused by renters’ unintentional misbehaviour. So please make sure to explain the handling of your vehicle in depth including the interior. 
  • Make the renter aware of the height of the camper and fuel type (you can order MyCamper stickers below to indicate it to the renter). 
  • Awnings are often damaged: explain what to keep in mind when it comes to the awning (retract the awning during the night and when leaving the camping vehicle).

To keep in mind when renting out your camper:

  1. Documentation and Equipment: Leave all relevant documents (vehicle registration card, green insurance card, European accident report) in your vehicle. Check for prescribed equipment like the country sticker and warning triangle. 
  2. Check-in: The handover and return times are specified on MyCamper. We recommend confirming these details with your renters beforehand. The check-in for the owner is available 24 hours before the booking is taking place. For the renter on the time of the handover. 
  3. Renters’ Responsibilities: Inform renters about items they need to bring themselves (e.g., sheets, crockery, cutlery) as these may not be provided.

We created a poster to put up in your vehicle with the most important bullet points for you and your renters.