On MyCamper, owners can determine whether the offered camper can be booked directly (instant booking) or whether renters must first send a request (binding booking request), which must be accepted by owners to become a binding booking.

Instant booking
Vehicles marked with a lightning symbol can be booked immediately. This means that renters can book the desired camper directly online without having to wait for confirmation from the owners. Payment for instant bookings is made by credit card.

Binding booking method
With a binding booking request, the renters introduce themselves to the owners and send a booking request with all the details of the planned trip. The booking request asks for the same information as the instant booking: start date, end date, handover times, travel location, number of travellers etc.. Owners have 24 hours to accept the booking request.

As soon as the booking request has been accepted by the owners, a binding booking is made. Renter can also withdraw a booking request as long as it has not been accepted.