If you find a damage during check-out, document it. Any new damage or defects that have occurred must be documented at the check-out process, and the renter is obliged to compensate them. If you discover damage or defects after the check-out has been approved, you need to prove that the damage occurred during the rental period. You can then submit a claim for additional extra costs that will be charged to the renter.

Omocom Insurance

If your booking is covered by MyCamper’s insurance via Omocom, create an insurance claim by clicking the link directly in your booking under the heading “Insurance”. By using this link, your vehicle and booking details are pre-filled for a smoother process. Once you have submitted your claim via the link, you will be contacted by an administrator who will help you further.

If you have general insurance questions, you can call Omocom on +46852027870. You can also send an e-mail to hello@omocom.insurance.

Baloise insurance

If your booking is covered by Baloise then the renter would have to fill out this damage claim form or call this number +41 58 285 97 75. Baloise will then create a damage claim number and confirm that the costs will be covered. As soon as you as the owner get that confirmation you can release the deposit. 

Own comprehensive insurance

The owner has to create a damage claim and send in proof for the deductible. Then MyCamper will transfer the deposit or part of it to the owner and renter.