You as the owner decide for yourself what price you want to charge for your motorhome or caravan when renting out. When you list your vehicle, you specify what it will cost to rent it. The pricing, which you only need to fill in once, is divided according to high and low season as well as any supplements for shorter bookings and any discounts for longer bookings.

The basic price is a weekly price, i.e. for a booking of 7 nights. There is a weekly price for high season and one for low season. In addition to this, you can also choose to charge more for bookings shorter than one week. Here you can choose to take between 0 to 50% extra. For example, if you have chosen to take 10% extra for shorter bookings and a weekly price of SEK 7,000, you earn on a three-night booking (7,000 / 7 x 3) x 110% = SEK 3,300.

You can also choose to give a discount if someone rents for more than a week. This discount takes effect from night 8. Here you can also choose between 0 to 50%. For example, if you have chosen to give a 50% discount on long bookings and a weekly price of SEK 8,000, a two-week booking will give you 8,000 + 8,000 x 50% = SEK 12,000.

Do not worry if this feels difficult. Under the tab "Prices" inside the page "My vehicle" there is a table that clearly shows how much you will earn on different weekly prices, supplements and discounts so you can experiment with the different settings and see how much you will earn.

If you are renting out a motorhome, you also fill in a number of free kilometers that are included per week and what it costs if these are exceeded. This cost is then automatically deducted from the renter's deposit after check-out.