The deposit is paid to MyCamper to make renters feel secure. During check-out, you as the vehicle owner can indicate extra costs that you want to charge the renter. The renter then needs to approve these extra costs. You as a vehicle owner and renter are responsible for agreeing to any additional costs to be deducted. If the amount of extra costs exceeds the deposit paid, the renter will pay the excess amount to MyCamper and then the extra costs will be paid to you.

At check-out, you also have the opportunity to ask to keep the deposit for a limited time to, for example, check what a repair will cost. You are then responsible for checking this out as soon as possible.

If you report extra costs after the deposit has been released, you will receive your money as soon as the renter has paid it to us. In order to be able to charge the renter for extra costs, you as the owner must send in documentation that proves that these occurred during the rental period. This can be, for example, receipts for surcharges, road tolls or parking fines. The documents must be submitted to MyCamper no later than six months after the check-out of the rental period. Note that if extra costs are added afterwards, it is you as the owner who has the burden of proof, so it is always easiest to make sure that you and the renter agree on any extra costs directly at check-out and that this is documented in the check-out. Note that when MyCamper transfers money to you, it can take up to 5-10 days before the money reaches your account. Administrative fees are added when handling extra costs.