1. Create a profile
The first thing you need to do to be able to rent out your motorhome or caravan, is to fill in a profile about yourself. By doing so, potential renters can get an idea of who you are.

2. Publish your vehicle
Once you have created a profile, you can publish your vehicle. You do this by filling in information about the vehicle's basic data and equipment, uploading photos and making a description of the vehicle.
Once you have published your vehicle, it is available for rent. Now you can also mark the dates you do not want to rent out the vehicle, to avoid getting unnecessary requests.

3. Get a booking request
Once you have published your vehicle, you can receive booking requests from verified users. The person who wishes to rent the vehicle sends a request to rent on the specified dates.
Now you and the renter can also send messages to each other. The message function can, for example, be used to greet or ask questions regarding the rental. Therefore, it is good that you check if you get new messages regularly. You will also receive an email every time you receive a new message on MyCamper's website.

4. Accept the request
Once you have received a booking request, you can choose to accept it if you want to rent out your vehicle to the person who sent the request. If you do not want to rent it out, you can decline the request.
Once you have accepted a booking request, the renter must pay a booking fee to confirm the booking. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the booking will not be made and your vehicle will be marked as vacant again.